Some Questions you may have..

Will it work on my phone?

Works on thousands of different device models that run Java (most phones do). If you are using a Nokia device visit the Ovi Store to download. If you are uncertain whether your mobile phone is Java-enabled, try installing.

How much does it cost? It's Free!

Completely free application, partially ad-sponsored, which means you don't pay us anything to use it. In order to use the app, you need access to the Internet from your mobile phone. Rich was designed to minimize the amount of data transferred to keep your data costs low; however, you may still want to consider an unlimited data plan to keep costs down.

Where did it go? Finding the app on your phone

Close the browser, and look for your app under 'Games', 'Applications' or similar category on your phone's menu. This is a Java application, and will usually appear under Applications, Java Applications, Java World, Games, Installations or a similarly named folder that can be reached from the main menu of your device.