Case Studies, Shimba Technologies Limited

Internet Solutions is an Internet Protocol (IP) Communications Service Provider on the African continent and a subsidiary of Dimension Data. The company provides connectivity services, cloud offerings as well as carrier services to corporate enterprises. Internet Solutions maintains its own tier one international network and its own network nodes in North America, Europe and Asia, where it interconnects with Internet backbone providers. With its rebranding from Access Kenya, Internet solutions needed a new user application that would represent its new identity.


Accessibility and Control: Internet Solutions Selfcare Application

After the rebranding to Internet Solutions, the company needed a new Self Care mobile application that would have this new identity and display all their new products and services.

Internet Solutions needed a mobile application that would make it easier for customers to manage their own accounts, subscribe to internet packages and check connectivity on the internet solutions network. Shimba Technologies designed and developed an Android Selfcare application as well as a Web Portal.

Value Add

Using the designed solution, Internet Solutions has been able to clearly identify their customers and to map them out geographically. This also allowed the identification of the most valuable customers and creation of marketing strategies to target them. Internet Solutions customers have been able to easily request for and receive the services they require from IS.