Case Studies, Shimba Technologies Limited

ICF is a global consulting services company with over 5,000 specialized experts. The company has both business analysts and policy specialists who work together with digital strategists, data scientists and creatives to help organizations solve their most complex challenges. ICF’s engagement with both the public and private sector and its research efforts created the need for an online data collection tool.


Fast and efficient data collection: ICF Mobile and Web Application

To aid in its research work and collection, analysis and storage of data from its target demographic, ICF required a solution that will enable its data collection agents to effectively collect, store and later access research data. Shimba Technologies designed and developed a Mobile and a Web Application for collecting data from households on their health workers.

Value Add

ICF was able to collect the data required easily and also store it for retrieval at later times. The designed solution also enabled the client to speed up the process of data collection thereby saving costs for them. The data collection mobile and web application allowed for the generation of reports which eased the work of the data collection staff and ensured transparency and consistency in the data.